A Small Orange

I’ve chosen!

My host will be A Small Orange (ASO)

mainly because they have cute illustrations and claim to use 150% renewable energy. Digging into it, they don’t directly get their energy supply from a wind farm, but do a sort of credit system where x amount of electricity they use = amount of electricity a wind farm in Oklahoma will supply to the electric grid.

That’s not the best sustainable effort but it helps.

Also, they offer a huge range of pricing, so you can really pick the most relevant package+cost.

I run on the


$5/ month

Excellent choice for small websites with room to grow.

  • 1 GB storage
  • 20 GB bandwidth
  • 24/7 Email + Live ChatSupport


Lesson #1 How Much Storage Do You Need?

Anything that goes on the web should be super optimized in order for your page to load faster than your viewer yawns. 1GB is good enough for me to load 30 pages + 200 images + javascripts + css scripts + my apps and I still have space for an additional small subdomain or separate website if I want to.

Lesson #2 How Much Bandwidth Do You Need?

Not entirely clear on this but 20GB is more than the stated bandwidth on my WiFi broadband which has no problems streaming Adventure Time back to back whilst I fall asleep at the keyboard.  

Lesson #3 But XYZ Hosting promises Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth?

We’ve already established that even the universe is limited and will expand and fall off space eventually. (*read expansion theory). So there’s no such thing as unlimited. If they claim to be unlimited, they will also likely tell you the 99% Money Back guarantee actually means 99% of the $1 that acts as the guarantor and hence you only get .99cents back. Also, they may attract cyber squatters who will load 100GB of weird stuff onto the same servers that you share just because they can.


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