Diary of a Web Noob

This is a recording of my daily headaches and trials as I try to set-up Wagtail, a Django-variant CMS on my shared hosting web A Small Orange.

It is also my blind and ungraceful crash into the world of back-end and front-end developing as I attempt my first HTML5 responsive website with a solid Content Management System (CMS).


My prior knowledge of HTML includes a bad attempt at telling jokes in html:


it’s that bad.

Prior CSS knowledge is as much as I understand the english words in there.

Python knowledge is nil. Was not aware of Django, Sass, Less or Wagtail.


In fact, all these started when I decided to finally update my portfolio website and thought it smart to use a CMS for future maintenance.

After crawling through tons of drop-dead gorgeous subscription based portfolio sites like Squarespace, Strikingly, Viewbook, 4ormat and even the less hipster-fied websites like Weebly, Wix and moonfruit, in the end, reality struck.

A quick consultation of my elaborate excel spreadsheet consisting of 1 column of OUT quickly changed my mind.

Enter the lovely world of open-source and its drop-dead gorgeous talented people. They create stunning works to share and patiently tolerate your silly questions whilst you insult their intelligence with the equivalent of asking Alain Ducasse why your soup tastes salty when you add too much salt.

I quickly found out about concrete5, Django-CMS and eventually Wagtail. One look at Wagtail, plus a trailer video later, I was floored. I’m a sucker for good design and have a soft spot for easy user interfaces that’s also easy on the eyes. Trust me, I cried when I was told to enter project timesheets in a horrid nasty-looking programme that was retro in a sad way. Its help page had a flash animation of flames. Enough said. When I saw Wagtail, I shed a tear too, this time of joy.

I am determined. This signifies my new relationship with technology! I will once again be friends with the web and rap in binary solo! I will code my website and host it and have a kick-ass CMS! As the existence of this blog suggests, it also means my determination is dragging out into a test of perseverance.

Let’s see how the story ends shall we?

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