static! static everywhere!

So having turned my Django debug to false, I realise it no longer serves static files for me and my webserver is not doing its part in holding up its end of the bargain!

Talk about dropping the ball!



I’m still figuring out how to set up my webserver to handle static files. Is it a matter of changing the links in my and to hardcode them to my website? Or do I have to get my hosting to set up Apache’s httpd.conf to serve static files (which I do not have access to)

Deploying Django site

Nope, I’m not done yet, but I’m keen to have at least half my site live so that I can stop looking shame-faced and shifty-eyed when people ask about my website. Especially if just a moment before I was running an elevator pitch.

Following that with “uh, my website is under construction” is the equivalent to Billy and Donald’s great efforts at the wave here:



So with all the security scare about Heartbleed bugs and keeping secret keys, while, secret, I still have no clue what to do different when deploying as vs. to developing. You mean I don’t just upload the whole lump onto a live server and point my domain name at it?

Tommy Jarnac has a brilliant post on the best practices for moving a Django project into production mode.

Meanwhile, I’m taking so long on my website I wonder if I should just turn it into a ‘reality’ tv show and let visitors see my bits and pieces of experimentation LIVE.