SSH Access

So I’ve picked a host: A SMALL ORANGE

Reasons for picking ASO will be listed in a separate post.

First thing I realise is that to setup Django, you have to have Shell access. What’s that? In my terms, that means hacking into the backside of the web with all its guts and stuff.

Picture 13

If you’re on a shared hosting, chances are, you will need to ask them to set up Shell access permission for you.

Following which you need a console of some sort to access Shell of course. The tech guy recommended Putty. But that’s for Windows only. So i’m using Terminal.

Yes! Terminal isn’t just for hacking into your Mac! It’s for hacking into other stuff as well.



to enter into your domain’s shell, key in ssh username@yourdomainname.com (or .co or .org etc.) The password is most likely the same password you use to enter into your domain’s cpanel.


dudecomputer:~ dude$ ssh dudeman@crispyfriesareyummy.com